In Estonia, the official language in administrative offences proceedings is the Estonian language.

This means that court hearings will be held in Estonian. All court documents, including protocols of hearings and the judgement itself will be prepared in Estonian. 

If you do not speak or understand Estonian, you have the right to request an interpreter free of charge. You have the right to use the language you speak and understand at all stages of the proceedings. However, the court is not obliged to provide an interpreter if you speak and understand Estonian, but prefer to use another language in the court. 

In addition, the judge cannot refuse to give you an interpreter just because your lawyer speaks Estonian. 

If you suffer from any impairment to your hearing, vision or ability to speak, the court must ensure that you receive an interpreter who can translate the proceedings not only in the language that you understand, but that the interpretation is provided in a manner that is appropriate for you.


Last updated 11/11/2018