The main tasks of Estonian National Social Insurance Board are assigning and paying state pension, aid, and indemnities, assigning and paying maintenance allowance, the recovery of maintenance claim transferred to the state, identifying the severity of disability and the extra costs derived from the disability, ensuring the provision of and financing rehabilitation service and special care services, and providing victim support and conciliation service.

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Victim support and conciliation service 

Victim support is a free public social service aimed at maintaining or enhancing the victim's ability to cope. Victim support workers provide emotional support and share information on the possibilities of obtaining help. Furthermore, they guide and assist in communicating with central and local government authorities and other institutions providing services necessary for victims. Any person who has fallen victim to negligence, mistreatment or physical, mental or sexual abuse has the right to receive victim support. Any person who has been subject to suffering or injury has access to counselling regardless of whether the identity of the perpetrator has been disclosed or criminal proceedings have been brought against him/her.


  • administration of pensions for employees and retired persons
  • administration of social benefits for families with children
  • setting goals for work ability reform
  • administration of social benefits for people with disabilities
  • other benefits and allowances

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Last updated 04/12/2017