Gender Equality & Equal Treatment Commissioner

The institution of the Gender Equality and Equal Treatment Commissioner has been created in order to help people protect their rights and to avoid any form of discrimination. The Commissioner stands up for women and men having equal rights and opportunities in all aspects of public life. The Commissioner also endeavours to ensure that people in various minority groups are not treated unequally.

How can it help you

Complaints about discrimination

The Office of the Equality Commissioner can assist persons who suspect that they have been discriminated against or treated unequally. The Office of the Commissioner provides free legal advice on how to protect one’s rights. The Office can also confirm whether a person has been unequally treated as regards one of the characteristics listed above. The Commissioner also assists persons in filing complaints and claims.

You can send your question to the Commissioner by writing an email ( or filling out an application form.

You can also phone the office (+372 626 9059) to receive free legal advice, Monday-Friday, 9am – 5pm.


  • Interpretation and oversight of implementation of laws
  • Help in investigating suspected cases of discrimination
  • Mainstreaming equality 
  • Awareness raising activities
  • Conducting researches and studies  

More information & Contacts
+ 372 626 9059

Gender Equality and Equal Treatment Commissioner
Roosikrantsi 8b
10119 Tallinn

Last updated 04/12/2017