You can submit an application to the Commissioner if you believe that you have been discriminated against due to your gender, nationality (ethnic origin), race or skin colour, religion, views, age, disability or sexual orientation.

However, there are some conditions which you have to take into account before submitting an application:

The Commissioner can only examine the applications that are about protected grounds and spheres of life listed in the law

The Gender Equality Act provides wide protection on the grounds of sex. The Equal Treatment Act prohibits discrimination in employment, education, social protection, including social security and healthcare and social advantages, as well as access to and supply of goods and services available to the public, including housing. The listed grounds in the Equal Treatment Act are nationality (ethnic origin), race, colour, religion or other beliefs, age, disability or sexual orientation.

example The commissioner cannot form an opinion about an application that is about obtaining Estonian citizenship because citizenship is not a protected ground within the mandate of the Commissioner. 

You can only complain about a violation committed against you or against someone that you have a right to represent

You cannot complain about the discrimination case of another person, unless you have a right to represent that person. 

example You cannot submit an application on behalf of your friend.

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