Generally your application must be submitted in writing, nonetheless, the staff of the Commissioner can assist you to formalise your oral application.


You do not need to fill in a specific form but an online form exists to guide you through the process. 


The working language of the Commissioner is Estonian. The information on the work of the Commissioner and guidelines for the application are also available in Russian, English, German and French. Should you wish to submit your application in any other language besides Estonian, please contact the Office of the Commissioner for more information: + 372 626 9059 or


As a minimum, in your application you need to clearly indicate:

  • the name of the applicant (your name)
  • personal ID number or date of birth
  • your contact information
  • the facts of your situation (what has happened)
  • arguments and any other evidence supporting your case

Try to write about the facts and issues which are related to your discrimination case. To help the Commissioner to better understand the situation, try to keep the text simple, focused, well-reasoned and avoid derogatory language.

Refusal of Commissioner to provide opinion

 The Commissioner may refuse to provide an opinion in the following circumstances:

  •  none or very few facts indicating discrimination
  • the Commissioner has previously provided an opinion on the same basis and regarding the same object
  • on the same basis and regarding the same object, judicial proceedings have been commenced, a court judgment has entered into force, proceedings have been initiated at a labour dispute committee, a decision of a labour dispute committee has entered into force, a petition has been filed with the Chancellor of Justice, or a conciliation procedure of the Chancellor of Justice for the resolution of a discrimination dispute is pending or the Chancellor of Justice has approved an agreement in a conciliation procedure.

Legal aid

You are not entitled to free legal aid before the Commissioner. If you need any assistance, please contact the Office of the Commissioner.


Last updated 11/04/2024