Procedure for submitting a complaint in the case of private individuals and entities

If a private person or a private body has interfered with your right to privacy in the course of processing your data, you may complain about it in civil proceedings. In cases where refusal also interferes with a public interest you can also complain to the Data Protection Inspectorate, however, usually the civil court deals with disputes between private persons.

Your application

In your claim you should:

  • refer to legal provisions that your claim is based 
  • explain which of the activities of the body in your opinion were unlawful or disproportionate and on what grounds
  • explain which legal provisions were breached
  • state the amount of the settlement
  • if necessary add documents to back up your arguments

You can read about drawing up of the claim in more detail in the Code of Civil Procedure.

The civil court assesses, whether the data processor has acted lawfully. 


Last updated 08/06/2019