A full examination of your application, including the adoption of a decision in the Human Rights Committee can take several years.

After the Committee has received your initial application, it will assess it to decide whether it is acceptable for examination. After that you will receive a letter from the Committee in which it will notify you whether your application has been accepted and registered or whether it has not been accepted and will not be examined.

If your application has been accepted, it will be placed on a list and will be examined in turn. This may take several years. The Committee gives priority to certain categories of cases which it considers urgent. For example, cases involving pending deportation and a possible risk of torture.

When the Committee examines your application, it will ask the Estonian government to respond to your complaints. The Committee will also ask you to give your comments on the Estonian government’s response.

Your complaint will be examined through a written procedure, which means that you will not have to travel to Geneva, Switzerland.


Last updated 12/04/2024