Pregnancy & Child birth

You have the right to access and receive the necessary medical assistance during pregnancy, child birth and in the post-natal period. This assistance is provided free of charge in Estonia.

Choice to become a parent

You have the right to freely choose whether you want to become a parent or not. If you have already made that choice and you are pregnant, this right also includes the choice of the circumstances in which you wish to give birth. 

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important Surrogacy is criminalized and is not allowed in Estonia.

Medical assistance & State financing

In Estonia, the State provides fully financed medical assistance during pregnancy and child birth, which covers any necessary treatment:

  • for the mother and foetus during pregnancy
  • for the mother and baby during labour in a medical institution

Termination of pregnancy

You have the right to decide whether you want to terminate your pregnancy, regardless of the reasons you may have for such decision. However, this choice may be restricted by certain time limits depending on your circumstances.

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What human rights violation may there be?

If you did not have access to the medical assistance that you needed, and were entitled to, during child birth, your right to health may have been violated. This will also be the case if the medical assistance was not provided in a timely manner and qualitatively. In extreme situations, the lack of adequate medical care can lead to a violation of the right to life.

Since aspects of your reproductive health are closely linked to your private life, this may also lead to a violation of your right to a private life.

If medical assistance in child birth was refused only because of your race, ethnic origin, sexual orientation or other similar grounds, it violates the prohibition on discrimination.


Last updated 22/10/2020