Do you have the right to communicate with the outside world?

When detained, you still have the right to communicate with the outside world. Of course, this right and your opportunities to communicate will be restricted, but they must not be completely denied. 

You have the following rights regarding communication:

  • to inform your family or other relatives where you have been detained
  • to communicate with the consular officers of the country of nationality
  • to have meetings with your family or relatives
  • to meet with representatives of competent state authorities, international and non-governmental organizations
  • to receive letters and parcels
  • to exchange correspondence with state agencies, legal defence counsels, ministers of religion and consular officers of the country of nationality
  • to use a pay phone available at the detention centre

You can read more about your rights and the order for communication in the Obligation to Leave and Prohibition on Entry Act and the Internal Rules of the Detention Centre.

What human rights violation may there be?

Your right to communicate may only be restricted in situations allowed by law. Moreover, a restriction can be applied only after an individual assessment of your situation and must not restrict your right more than necessary. Otherwise, it may result in a violation of your right to private and family life

For example, your communications with national and international human rights institutions, your lawyer, the court or diplomatic services must never be opened or checked. If you have received a parcel, it can only be checked in your presence. The administration may organize your meetings with your family according to the daily order at the place of detention, but meetings must not be completely or repeatedly denied. 

Any decision by the administration to restrict your right to communicate must be based on good reasons and you must be given an opportunity to appeal them before a higher authority. Read more about how to complain.


Last updated 22/04/2024