Employment & Workplace

There are several situations when your personal data can be processed in relation to employment. It can occur in cases where you apply for a job and throughout the period of your employment. If not processed lawfully, this may result in a violation of the right to private life.

Your employer may ask you to submit certain personal data, store the collected information or even provide it to others (for example, to the tax authority). Your employer may also monitor your communications (telephone, e-mail and internet usage) and carry out video recordings at the workplace.

What human rights violation may there be?

All these activities interfere with your right to private life. It does not mean, however, that the employer is not allowed to collect and store any information. It simply has to be done lawfully and proportionally, respecting your privacy.

About this section

This section aims to lead you through different situations and help to assess whether your employer has managed your personal data lawfully and whether your privacy has been adequately protected.


Last updated 08/06/2019