If you have suffered physical or moral injuries as a result of a crime or if your property has been damaged or lost, you have the right to be recognized as a victim in the criminal proceedings.

Status of a victim

The status of a victim is granted by a separate decision by the official in charge of the criminal proceedings and gives you the right to:

  • participate in the criminal proceedings
  • ask for a compensation for the damage done to you 

As a victim, you have certain basic rights in the criminal trial, such as the right to an independent and impartial court, the right to a judgement within a reasonable time, the right to a reasoned decision and the right to be present at the hearings.

Human rights in court

Your participation in a criminal trial can affect many of your human rights, such as the right to a fair trial, the right to privacy and family life or even your right to life. 

example If as a victim you have assisted in the investigation of a serious crime and consequently there is danger to your life, the failure to protect you may lead to a violation of your right to life. In addition, if the trial is unreasonably delayed and you have not contributed to the delay, it may lead to a violation of your right to a fair trial.

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Last updated 24/08/2017