To ensure that your trial is fair and effective, you must also comply with your duties. You will not be able to claim a violation of your human rights if your own actions have contributed to it or if you have not tried to prevent or rectify the violation during the trial.

It may seem that ensuring your right to a fair trial is solely the responsibility of the court and the State. Indeed, the state is responsible for creating courts and court procedures that ensure a fair trial. In addition, the right to a fair trial and human rights are protected by the State and where your rights are violated, it can be held responsible and must grant you compensation.  

However, a trial can only be fair and efficient if you also comply with your duties in it. If you don’t do what is required of you and this contributes to a violation of your fair trial guarantees, you will not be able to hold the state responsible for the outcome of your own actions.

There are two types of duties which you have to protect your own rights:


Last updated 05/01/2017