Estonian Women’s Shelters Union

The Estonian Women`s Shelters Union is an association of non-profit organisations acting in public interests which joins organisations dedicated to providing shelters` services for victims of violence against women.

How can it help you

Women's helpline

1492 is a nationwide 24-hour hotline for women who have experienced physical, psychological, economic and/or sexual abuse who

  • need someone talk to about their problems
  • try to find a way to escape abuse
  • need support in finding solutions to their problems
  • seek protection against violence but do not know which institutions or who to approach 
  • want to analyse options for getting out of the abusive cycle of intimate partner violence
  • face dilemmas of transforming life after divorce, for themselves and their children 
  • have become victims of rape

Women's shelters

Women's shelters aim to provide counselling and safe environment to the women and children living with them who have encountered psychological, economical, physical or sexual violence and empower and support women when exiting abusive relationship. Counselling is also offered to the women who do not require safe accommodation.


  • offering a safe, confidential space for healing and recovery after being abused or during times of fear
  • offering temporary accommodation if needed
  • offering psychological counselling and emergency assistance
  • offering legal counselling
  • offering assistance in dealing with appropriate agencies like the police, social services departments, etc
  • offering information on handling legal matters like court processes, divorce and child protection issues, etc;  and if need be, and also legal consultations
  • offering support in setting up a new life
  • offering possibility to return to the shelter whenever needed to discuss next steps to be taken

More information & Contacts 
+372 56240606 

Estonian Women`s Shelters Union
Tuukri põik 10a-9
Tallinn 10120

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