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The goal of the Chamber is to facilitate to raising disabled people quality of life in Estonia. For this purpose the Chamber co-operates with governmental bodies and social partners in order to secure that the Estonian legislation and enforcement of the legislation take the disability perspective seriously.

Chamber provides training courses for people who work with disabled persons or who wish to learn about the special needs of these persons. Also they provide legal counselling for disabled people.  On their website, you can find a list of non-governmental organizations dealing with questions relating to specific aspects of disability.


  • participation in decision-making and policy-making in government and municipalities in order to ensure the compliance of the legislation and other decisions with the rights of the disabled, non-discrimination and inclusion of these persons into society
  • training of various target groups
  • offering legal aid for disabled people
  • expert opinions both locally (to government, parliament, media, educational institutions, courts and others), as well as internationally
  • providing information materials and courses for disabled persons and other members of society regarding specific issues and the special needs of the disabled

More information & Contacts
+372 661 6629

The Estonian Chamber of Disabled People
Toompuiestee 10
Tallinn 10137

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